Toshi Yoshida

Profile of Toshi Yoshida(1911-1995)

Born in 1911 in Tokyo as the son of hanga artist and painter
Hiroshi Yoshida(1874-1950).

From as early as the age of three Toshi is said to have shown signs of exceptional talent
in this art form.

Study art attending the School of the Pacific Art Association.
He started making overseas sketching tours to India, Burma and Ceylon around 1930’s.

1952-1953 visited United States and Europe exhibited works and lectured about Wood Block Prints.

In 1954 he taught printmaking for one month at the Insittue of Chicago.

From 1980-1990 made many scenes from Africa.


  • The Museum of Modern Art New York
  • British Museum Of Modern Art
  • Paris National Library
  • Seattle Museum of Art
  • Krakow National Museum
  • Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art


Wood Block(Multi-color)
Most of the work has 10-15 wood block plate and 30-50 impressions
(printing stages)

Posthumous Edition( works printed after the death of artist from
Original Wood Block by Shinkichi Numabe(Student of Toshi)
therefore Signature of the artist shown are printed one

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